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Signature Presentations

Build a Victory Mindset

(Micro-tools to Help You Thrive Not Just Survive)

Life throws you punches that you might never expect.  In this interactive presentation you will learn three micro-practices:  Gratitude, Wonder and Connection--building tools that will take you from surviving to thriving!

Live Victoriously

I will take you on a journey of living a life of active gratitude.  It's not just listing what you are grateful for, but a mindset that when accomplished even the daily mundane seems to be a privilege.

Rumination Nation

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD-- We will discuss how to S.A.W. through negative thought loops with (Stop and Wonder)  Neuroplasticity is real!  Within 2 weeks of applying scientifically proven strategies, you will find higher productivity and more awareness of the greatness that exists in you.

You'll find me speaking at:

Keynote Speaker
Corporate Training
Breakout Sessions
HR Conferences
Wellness Retreats
Educator Training
City Government Training
Education Conferences
College and University Galas
Special Forces Presentations