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Daily Reflection Journals versions for: Teens, Kids and Adults

Kristin Petrucci CPP aka the Mindset Architect, is a Transformational Speaker and Executive Mindset Coach. She uses this journal for her own children and personal gratitude practice to inoculate her from the daily stresses and unforseen negative life events.

Daily Reflection: for adults



Appearances and Clients

Stop and Wonder

Click above to listen to my interview with Ben host of Ticked Podcast.  It was such an honor to share my story.

Stress in the Workplace

My first podcast interview wrapped up and so inspiring.  Click above!

Cooking Live

I love to cook!  Authentic Italian cuisine.  Here is one of my many visits on live TV to share a favorite family recipe.

Gratitude Stories

Kristin is on a mission to Interview 100 professionals about gratitude in the workplace.

The Gratitude Podcast
Appreciating men and the appreciation we seek at work

Out of my head and into my Life--Positive Psychology strategies to help overcome rumination

Mary Crafts:  Crafting a Meaningful Life Podcast
What's the ROI on Gratitude? Do you employ this at work as well as in life? There are many ways you can show return just by living victoriously!

Azizah Love Loves:  Communicating with Men in Your Life
Guest Kristin Petrucci discusses how important it is to be present and live a gratitude lifestyle.

Start Fast Podcast:  Guest Kristin Petrucci discusses the importance of Gratitude in the Workplace

Talk with Ted:  Bryan Miller and Kristin Petrucci Guests  Listen to the end and be led by Myself and Bryan Miller in a co-led meditation!

Kristin Petrucci was featured in this article.  Read her advice on how to combat bitterness and resentment.

Positive Psychology Strategies for Working Parents